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Robert Ferranti 1930-2015

sharon-me-dadWill never forget you Dad, I still can’t believe you’re not here. Can you believe it’s a year already? I’m finally filling out the forms for your marker. Yeah, Uncle Dave has called several times, but it gives him an excuse to call. I blamed it on Sharon Ferranti for as long as I could of course, but finally I told Dave I’d handle it. Yeah, I still procrastinate, working on that. I don’t know what to put in the blank for rank but I think it’s just USN? That’s all it says on the discharge sheet, I hope that’s right. And it says honorable, yay. At least I know it was Korea. It needs a signature from the funeral home who I think will receive the marker. I will call them and put it in the mail today. Right, yes today, won’t procrastinate. Oh btw, I dreamed you maxed out some credit cards buying cars after you escaped from Brookdale. Our inheritance up in smoke. I was so glad to wake up as you can imagine. Oh, my former landlady misses you too LOL! I miss your smile, I mean, I would miss it, but I still see it all the time.

— with Sharon Ferranti.